February 7, 2020


What an Event!

Let’s discuss three.

One of the highlights of our Peoria calendar each year is the Children’s Christmas Party.
With great care, our staff and a team of volunteers truly transformed the Peoria Showplace into a virtual Winter Wonderland. This annual Peoria event was diligently and carefully planned for and executed with the future of our People in mind.
The goal to bless, encourage and support the Peoria children and families in attendance was fulfilled in the smiles on the faces and the joy in the voices of our citizens as they enjoyed the time of fellowship and family. It is good for Us to be together.

Another event to discuss is the upcoming Peoria Tribe’s Annual General Council Meeting. It will again be held in the Peoria Showplace at our beautiful Buffalo Run Casino here in Miami, OK.  Plans for this annual gathering of our citizens are complete and the realization of these has begun. This serves as our major political and cultural event of the year. Building on the format established at last year’s meeting, our team will provide comprehensive reports and program updates. Special guests have been invited and exhibits will be on display.

Lastly, one of the most exciting announcements at this year’s General Council Meeting will be the unveiling of 2020-2021 tribal program expansions, including a ceremonial groundbreaking, which will be held immediately following adjournment. Once our business is concluded, we hope you will join us for a time of fellowship, as we close out the weekend festivities at our Annual Peoria Stomp Dance.

Let us gather together again as a nation and family, to remember where we have come from and to celebrate the promise of our future generations.


Be Well,

Craig Harper