The Peoria Tribal Education Program gives tribal members financial assistance in meeting their higher education goals.


To promote and provide financial support for postsecondary education to Peoria Citizens who wish to pursue further education.


The Peoria Tribe of Indians of Oklahoma Education Program gives Tribal citizens financial assistance in meeting their higher education goals. The Education Program also provides graduation stoles for high school, undergraduate and graduate students of the Peoria Tribe of Indians of Oklahoma.


Eligibility requirements include a 2.5 GPA, full-time or part-time enrollment in an accredited college or vocational training institution, and enrollment in the Peoria Tribe. There are no financial guidelines and the scholarship is paid directly to the student as long as all criteria are met. Applications may be obtained from the Peoria Tribal Office or by clicking the links below to download an application.

Applications are accepted until July 31 for the Fall term and until January 7 for the Spring term. Evaluation of applications and final decisions regarding eligibility are made by the five-member Education Committee.


Click on the appropriate link to download and print the application needed.

New Students

Renewal Students

Mandie VonMoss

Mandie VonMoss

Tribal Programs Specialist


Donna Harp

Donna Harp

Tribal Programs Manager

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