New Peoria Campus Groundbreaking

We are overwhelmed with excitement for the Peoria Longhouse Community Center and the Woodland Academy Learning Center following our groundbreaking ceremony on Saturday, March 7th. Joined by architect, Jason Holuby with New Fire Native Design Group, our Council and citizens gathered to celebrate this movement forward. The Longhouse Community Center will serve as a place to gather and celebrate our culture and social relations while the Woodland Academy Learning Center will support children up to 5 years of age, as well as host an after-school program for citizens of Miami, Oklahoma. Plans are still in the making to expand this campus even further to include a wellness center, and a cultural center in the future. The campus will be located on Elm Street, on the land that was previously the Miami Country Club. This project is huge and we are thrilled to see the value and strength it will bring to our citizens and our community. We would like to thank our staff, Chief Harper, and New Fire Native Design Group for their careful planning and dedication to this project over the last two years. Welcome, 2020! #PeoriaProud