Child Abuse Prevention

Peoria Advantage

Hours: M-F 8-4:30

In the event of a child welfare emergency, contact 911 or the child abuse hotline in the state where the child(ren) resides.


Peoria Advantage child abuse prevention focuses on enhanced, culturally relevant family support and prevention services, and contribution to the knowledge base on preventing child abuse and neglect in Indian Country by improving protective factors through family support and education.


Peoria Advantage educates frontline providers to identify signs of risk or diminished protective factors in families. Peoria Advantage provides parental support and education through small groups and cultural gatherings, along with resource sharing, and elected home visitations.

Shelby Betsey

Shelby Betsey

Family Advocate Manager


Office: 918-540-2535 Ext. 9242
Toll Free: 1-800-259-9987

Physical Address :
118 South Eight Tribes Trail
Miami, OK 74354

Paint The Town Blue!

April is child abuse prevention and awareness month, and we invite you to Paint the Town Blue!

Click the link below or text “Blue” to 1-844-764-2191 to register your home or business. Sign up deadline is April 19, 2024.