Position Vacancy: Environmental Specialist

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COVID-19 Phase 1 Vaccinations for NTHS Patients!

COVID-19 Vaccinations (Phase 1) available for NTHS Patients who are at high-risk!

Call 918.332.4478 for more information and scheduling!


New & Renewal Scholarship Applications are due by the end of business on January 7, 2021! While the office is still closed, we are checking the mail daily and are here to help you! If you have any questions regarding scholarships, email us at lhickey@peoriatribe.com or call us at 918.540.2535!
Please submit your applications via mail or email:
P.O. Box 1527 Miami, Oklahoma 74355 (We also have a dropbox at our headquarters location – 118 S Eight Tribes Trail Miami, Oklahoma 74354)
Education Director, Lacie Hickey, lhickey@peoriatribe.com

Office Closure Extension: Reopen Scheduled January 4, 2021

Per Executive Order Peoria Headquarters and Gaming Commission offices will remain closed with an initial reopening scheduled for Monday, January 11th. Disinfecting protocols will continue to be carried out. Staff will be working from home available for Citizens via email/phone.


Staff will be available to receive and distribute Declarations of Candidacy, but we do not currently have a notary on site!


Thank you all for your patience and understanding during this ongoing pandemic. Stay well!