Peer Recovery Support Services

The Peer Recovery Support Services program provides holistic-cultural wellness classes to promote healthy practices such as nutrition, disease prevention, and innovative physical activities. The program also provides direction, support and resources to individuals in various forms of recovery.


The Peer Recovery Support Services program is committed to building a culture of wellbeing using holistic approach to improve all dimensions of wellness. We believe the health, education, and wellness of the Peoria people is the primary focus of the Peoria Tribe of Indians of Oklahoma.


The role of a Certified Peer Recovery Support Specialist is to model recovery and wellness by being the living example that recovery is possible for anyone. A C-PRSS provides supportive services from the perspective of lived experience with mental health and/or substance use disorders. The C-PRSS serves as a catalyst to fully engage clients with treatment services, resources, outreach and the use of culturally-based trainings to enable growth and sustainability with individuals throughout their recovery journey.

Information & Resources

Whitney Chavez

Whitney Chavez

Peer Recovery Support Specialist

Email: wchavez@peoriatribe.com

Office: 918-544-6424
Cell: 918.961.2729

Toll Free: 1-800-259-9987

Mailing Address:
The Peoria Tribe of Indians of Oklahoma
Attn: PRSS
P. O. Box 1527
Miami, OK, 74355

Physical Address :
319 A SW Miami, OK