Peoria Language Course

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If you enrolled on the tribal website prior to March 4th and did not receive a confirmation email, please enroll again online or call the Cultural Preservation Department to verify your enrollment. Due to a website/technical issue the first week of March, initial enrollees may not have been recorded in the database. We want to ensure your enrollment is accurate and the Peoria Language Class roster is up to date.
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Contact: Tosan Wesley Louis Farless

Office: 918-540-2535 Ext. 2702




10-week Beginner Level #1 intro Peoria course

  • 1-hour classes are in person and virtual
  • Every Thursday at 6pm
  • Must have internet access
  • Will include online learning outside of actual classroom time.
This course will focus on: 
Peoria pronunciations, basic everyday use of Peoria words & vocabulary to begin speaking, listening, reading, and writing in the Peoria Language.