CCDF and Daycare Information Update

The Peoria Tribe CCDF Program has the following update to its clients and providers:

  1. Co-pays are currently being waived
  2. Absentee days will be paid
  3. If an approved daycare is closed a client is ABLE to “change” to another licensed provider.  *If an approved provider has an opening the client CAN SWITCH but Peoria CCDF is ONLY able to pay one provider per day per child.
  4. In order to provide assistance, the facility MUST be a state licensed facility
  5. The state licensed facility must already be approved with the Peoria CCDF Program
  6. Children must already be included on the original application the Peoria CCDF has on file
  7. Peoria CCDF can not pay for any child that is staying at the clients household during this time

The Peoria CCDF Program MAY have updates to tomorrow, Wednesday, March 25th as they are participating in a conference call with Region.

The Peoria Tribe and the Peoria CCDF Program realize this is a very trying time for all of us and we are working to ensure that all resources are available for our clients and providers.