September 23, 2021


This last week was the Grand Opening of the First Americans Museum, or FAM, in Oklahoma City. A $175million, 175,000 square tribute to the 39 federally recognized tribes located here in the state of Oklahoma. This event was nearly 40 years in the making. From the planning stages, to fund raising, to the first days of construction that began in 2006, the idea lived on. During this day of celebration, it was not lost on me the depth of Unity that was cultivated and relentlessly maintained. Contributions through diverse funding partners included Tribal, State and City governments as well as Corporate and private citizens.

But always with the same intent and purpose, first nation stories told by the first nations.

This led me to remember our recent unity of Tribal governments during the gaming compact negotiations with the State. And this thought begins to resonate, In Unity and Consistency lies our victories.

It was a proud day for our First American people. It was a proud day for all of Oklahoma.


Be well.

Craig Harper