March 20, 2023


As we head forward into spring, we take careful notice of the rainy days, the blooming trees, and the increasing temperatures as it illustrates the transformation of seasons. When I think of spring, I am often reminded of our plans as a Nation, seeking opportunities for growth with each passing of the season.

At our 2023 General Council meeting, we gathered with our Peoria family to share the stories of the last year. General Council was met with success as we heard business reports and discussed the years to come. As we invite citizens to another grand Peoria event, we remain focused on welcoming our traveling citizens with increased access to Tribal resources, comfortable stays, great dining experiences, and friendly staff. Thank you, for all those who attended for continuing to share the word with friends and family. Each year, we greet new faces at General Council, a true byproduct of our Nation’s development.

In March, we also celebrate the first full year of our beautiful Peoria Tribe Campus. We now have a dedicated team of individuals working at the Cultural Resource Center, nearly full capacity at Woodland Academy, and the Peoria Tribe Community Center is providing a practical place for citizens to gather and celebrate. We look forward to further opportunities to expand new and current programs.

With spring in full bloom, we see the 26th Annual Peoria Powwow on the horizon. We so look forward to gathering again, competing through dance, sharing stories, and celebrating our inter-tribal family June 16th, 17th, and 18th, 2023.

I look forward to seeing each of you at the upcoming Powwow!

Be well,

Craig Harper