July 13, 2020

Since the first of March we as Peoria citizens have found ourselves acting or reacting to this pandemic caused by the Covid-19 Virus. There is not an aspect of our lives that it has not affected. From where and how we work and play, to the places that we eat and entertain ourselves. During this time we have seen this turmoil boil into social and racial tensions. I pray that we find peace in what grounds us personally and corporately.
Our tribe and been focused on protecting our citizens, customers, staff and enterprise employees during this prolonged season of uncertainty.
But during the tests of life there are also milestones to celebrate and remember.
There have been both high school and college graduations since our last newsletter. There have been births, deaths and weddings to remember since our last newsletter.
The longevity of our story as a Tribe depends on the comfort that for every rising of a sun there is a setting and for every ending there is a beginning.
I will close by mentioning the newly enacted Covid-19 Public Health Emergency Relief Fund and the application that is included in this newsletter.
This Virus has had a negative impact on each of our lives. This application is intended to make financial support easily available for each of our eligible members. Please apply promptly and call our Headquarters for any necessary explanations needed.
Please keep safe and stay well until we are able to gather together again.
Be well.
Craig Harper