July 1, 2023



As the year moves fast into summer, I want to take a moment to honor and congratulate all the Seniors that graduated earlier this season. I applaud your dedication and persistence through education, and I truly enjoy reading through our Summer Newsletter to see the accomplishments of each of our graduating citizens.

The summer season began alongside our 26th Annual Peoria Powwow. It was great to visit and dance with family and neighbors again. Each year, I reflect on the celebration, and I am deeply appreciative of all the days spent gathering and storytelling at our Annual Powwow. I hope all our citizens had the chance to visit your Peoria headquarters and facilities, while utilizing your citizen rate at the Buffalo Run Hotel during your stay.

Coming up, we are focused on and preparing for our upcoming buffalo acquisition. Bringing buffalo to the Peoria Nation will serve as a great step forward in our land, cultural, and economic endeavors. I am excited to see what this step will bring back to the people of the Peoria Tribe.

I look around at the accomplishments within and of our People, and I am excited to walk forward into summer of 2023.


See you soon,

Chief Craig Harper