February 2022



Come January of each year, after completing all our December and New Year gatherings with family and friends, our collective Peoria eyes turn towards our upcoming General Council Meeting.

While this has been true for decades, I have to believe it has been true for centuries. While we can confer that yes, the dates might be different and the location in other venues, towns, or states, like-minded people have gathered to eat, share stories, and exchange ideas.  That will again happen this year on the first Saturday of March 2022.

Following a very difficult COVID season, we hope to gather and encourage one another, remember our ancestors, and speak into our youth. Details and times will be shared soon. Please don’t put off making your hotel reservations if traveling in from abroad.

Following our General Council, we will have another exciting event to attend. At our General Council Meeting two years ago, we broke ground on what was to become a lasting symbol of progress and pride for our people. This year, immediately after our meeting, we will host a ribbon-cutting event for our new Campus. In our last newsletter, I spoke about these three new buildings. We simply cannot wait to open these new facilities for tours that afternoon. Please make your plans to attend this year’s General Council Meeting. We have much to share!


As always, we remain #PeoriaProud!



Be well,


Craig Harper