Intertribal Agriculture Council Internship Opportunities


2020 Internship Opportunities

The IAC is recruiting innovative, collaborative, and focused high school and early college-aged youth that are passionate about promoting the regeneration of natural resources within their communities. IAC will be offering up to 10 Tribal Land Steward Intern positions to American Indian youth across the country. It is the goal of IAC to keep these interns rooted in their home communities for a full summer of work embracing their interests in natural
resources through a dynamic partnership with the NRCS.

Selected interns will engage in an 8-10 week paid internship between May and September 2020. This is a paid internship position and will be compensated at an hourly rate of $12.50, not to exceed more than 40 hours per week. Each intern will experience a tailored learning plan to enhance their knowledge of natural resource management in Indian Country, exploring their strengths and improving their weaknesses. Additional support for traveling to and from the work site may be available.

IAC has designed these internships to not only educate youth on NRCS employment opportunities but to also support their ability to collaborate with local stakeholders involved in managing Indian Country’s natural resources. Throughout the summer, these interns will gain an in-depth perspective and innovative understanding of how to effectively inspire conservation on the landscape. Internships will be designed to fit within the youth’s
community and embrace their passions through a detailed, individualized learning opportunity.

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