The Enrollment Office administers the following duties daily:

  • Requests for membership applications
  • Process and submit completed documentation to the Enrollment Committee for review of membership applications
  • Requests for Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood (CDIB) applications; administration and distribution of CDIB cards from the Bureau of Indian Affairs.
  • Distribution of photo membership and duplicate membership cards for members 18 and over.
  • Distribution of membership and duplicate membership cards for members under 18.
  • Administration of dis-enrollments, in specific conjunction with the Enrollment Committee, Business Committee and in compliance with the Policy and Procedures Manuel, the Enrollment Ordinance and Constitution
  • Administration of relinquishment of memberships
  • Verifications of Indian Preference for Employment
  • Limited genealogy and ethnographic research for tribal members and persons applying for membership
  • Maintenance of accurate data for tribal members, including change of addresses, name changes and deceased member notifications
  • Monthly reports of data changes to the Business Committee and the Miami Agency Office Bureau of Indian Affairs
  • Overall maintenance of membership records, in accordance with the Privacy Act, 43 CFR 2.52

Change of address form
Unconditional Tribal Membership Relinquishment
Conditional Tribal Membership Relinquishment
Unconditional Tribal Membership Relinquishment on behalf of a Minor
Conditional Tribal Membership Relinquishment on behalf of a Minor
Tribal Membership Application 

Burial Assistance Program Application

In addition to these daily activities, the Enrollment Office is making a concerted effort to update current tribal membership records.  Updating has included ensuring proper documentation for each tribal member and locating members who are on the whereabouts unknown list.

Photo Tribal Membership cards are issued for members over the age of 18.  The basis of the photo card is to place the Tribal members’ picture on their enrollment card.  The intent of the picture is to assist tribal members with peace of mind by decreasing the risk of identity fraud, in case the Tribal Membership card is lost or stolen.

Submitted by:
Donna K. Harp
Enrollment Director