Donna Harp

Donna Harp
Enrollment Director

The Enrollment Office administers the following duties daily:

  • Requests for membership applications
  • Process and submit completed documentation to the Enrollment Committee for review of membership applications
  • Distribution of photo membership and duplicate membership cards for members 18 and over.
  • Distribution of membership and duplicate membership cards for members under 18.
  • Administration of disenrollments, in specific conjunction with the Enrollment Committee, Business Committee and in compliance with the Policy and Procedures Manuel, the Enrollment Ordinance and Constitution
  • Administration of relinquishment of memberships
  • Verifications of Indian Preference for Employment
  • Maintenance of accurate data for tribal members, including change of addresses, name changes and deceased member notifications
  • Monthly reports of data changes to the Business Committee and the Miami Agency Office Bureau of Indian Affairs
  • Overall maintenance of membership records, in accordance with the Privacy Act, 43 CFR 2.52

Address Verification & Release of Information
Unconditional Tribal Membership Relinquishment
Conditional Tribal Membership Relinquishment
Unconditional Tribal Membership Relinquishment on behalf of a Minor
Conditional Tribal Membership Relinquishment on behalf of a Minor
Tribal Membership Application 

Burial Assistance Program Application

In addition to these daily activities, the Enrollment Office is making a concerted effort, to update current tribal membership records.  Updating includes ensuring proper documentation for each tribal member.

Photo Tribal Membership cards are issued for members over the age of 18.  The basis of the photo card is to place the Tribal members’ picture on their enrollment card.  The intent of the picture is to assist tribal members with peace of mind by decreasing the risk of identity fraud, in case the Tribal Membership card is lost or stolen.


EPA Indian General Assistance Program (GAP)

Assistance is provided under this program only for activities which the agency determines are appropriate to carry out the purposes of the Indian Environmental General Assistance Program Act. The annual Indian General Assistance Program (GAP), funded by the Environmental Protection Agency, awarded the Peoria Tribe for the 2016-2017 Fiscal Year.  The primary purpose of these assistance agreements is to support the developmental elements of a core environmental program.

Environmental Departments:

  • Oklahoma EPSCoR Grant
  • EPA Clean Water Act Section 106 Water Monitoring Program
  • EPA Clean Water Act 319 Base Program
  • Invasive Species Report
  • Fish Hatchery Maintenance
  • Endangered Species
  • BIA Tribal Youth Grant

Air Quality Department (EPA 105 Grant) 

Air Quality Specialist: LaShell Thomas
Air Quality Blog


The Air Quality Blog serves as a way to educate and inform the community and tribal members on issues relating to indoor and outdoor air pollution, major and minor pollution sources, health information, headline news regarding air quality issues and tips for home health.


“Healthy Homes”
Mysterious Vaping Injuries”
“November is Native American Heritage and Lung Cancer Awareness Month”
“Particulate Matter” 
“Clean Indoor air During Confinement/ Quarantine”
“Earth Day”
“COVID-19 and Air Quality”
“FDA Updates on Hand Sanitizers with Menthanol”
“Septic Smart”

Members of the Peoria Tribe of Indians of Oklahoma residing within the State of Oklahoma are eligible for Peoria tribal tags.

The Miami Nation’s Tag Agent has been designated as the Tag Agent for the Peoria Tribe of Indians of Oklahoma.

The following is required to request a tag: (1) Valid Oklahoma driver’s license, (2) original vehicle title, (properly signed over) (3) Valid current insurance verification, (4) tribal membership card (not CDIB card), (5) Lien Information (Lien Entry or Release).

Fees are structured as shown in the table below.

Request for tribal tags may be processed by mail. The tribal member will be responsible for postage fees. Tribal members should first contact the office of the Tag Agent to determine the registration and title fees. A request form would then be mailed to the tribal member to whom the vehicle is to be registered. The request form would then be returned with the required documents and a check or money order for the registration, title, and postage fees to the address below.

Contact: Miami Nation Tag Agent
PO Box 1326
Miami, OK 74355
Phone: 918-541-1300 Ext. 1397
Fax: 918-542-7260

The Miami Tribe Tax Commission is now issuing all tribal tags five days a week, Monday – Thursday 8:00 am – 4:30 pm & Friday 8:00 am – 12:00pm. Effective date is January 01, 2004. You can click here to see a list of what you need to bring or print off a form to fill out if mailing your items.



Be sure to attach a copy of your tribal enrollment card to your new title, if you are a tribal member. If you are a tribal corporation, attach a copy of your certificate of incorporation and the title. That will allow transfer of the title without penalties.


More than: $00.00 $2,500.00 $5,000.00 $7,500.00 $10,000.00 $12,500.00 $15,000.00
But less than: $2,499.00 $4,999.99 $7,499.99 $9,999.99 $12,499.99 $14,999.99
1st $15.75 $39.38 $61.95 $97.13 $126.00 $154.35 $194.25
2nd $15.75 $34.39 $53.55 $84.26 $109.20 $134.14 $169.58
3rd $15.75 $29.93 $46.20 $72.71 $93.98 $155.50 $147.26
4th $15.75 $25.99 $39.38 $62.21 $80.59 $98.70 $127.31
5th $15.75 $22.05 $33.60 $53.03 $68.25 $83.48 $109.46
6th $15.75 $18.90 $28.09 $44.36 $57.23 $69.83 $93.19
7th $15.75 $15.75 $23.10 $36.75 $47.25 $57.75 $78.75
8th $15.75 $15.75 $18.64 $29.93 $38.33 $46.73 $65.63
9th $15.75 $15.75 $15.75 $23.89 $30.45 $36.75 $54.86
10th $15.75 $15.75 $15.75 $18.38 $23.10 $27.83 $43.05
11th $15.75 $15.75 $15.75 $15.75 $16.54 $19.95 $33.60
12th $15.75 $15.75 $15.75 $15.75 $15.75 $15.75 $24.94
Over 12 $15.75 $15.75 $15.75 $15.75 $15.75 $15.75 $15.75

Valid Oklahoma Drivers License
Original Title
Valid Current Insurance Verification
Tribal Membership Card (not CDIB card)
Lien Information (Lien Entry or Release)

TITLE FEE: $25.00

NOTICE UPON SALE OF A TRIBALLY TAGGED VEHICLE: If the tag is to be used by the tribal member on a different car, documentation regarding that car must be submitted to the Miami Nation’s Tag Agent for recordation. Otherwise, upon sale of the vehicle the tribal member is responsible for removing the tribal tag and returning it to the Miami Nation’s Tag Agent.