June 1, 2024


Several years of hard work, planning, and development culminated in the delivery of our sacred buffalo herd. Over the span of several days, the buffalo were transported to our Oklahoma lands from Yellowstone Park. Prayer, song, and lulus were offered up as they were welcomed to their new home near the Peoria Powwow grounds.

The Peoria General Council Meeting in March had an impressive number of attendees. This show of participation demonstrated the collective knowledge that our unity is our strength. Congratulations to the newly elected council members.

Peoria Tribe Team Members reached a new benchmark as we grew to over one hundred personnel this year. For reference, six years ago we had only twenty-five. The addition of numerous departments and programs along with the outstanding work of our grant writers has pushed us to grow fourfold.

Let us remember as we continue this momentum that growth is never by chance. It is the result of collaboration, planning, and a shared vision for future greatness.

It is an honor to be sharing this journey of expansion with you as your Chief and kinsman.

With gratitude,

Chief Harper