Community Health Representative


Maternity Care

The Community Health Representative provides instruction in pre-natal, post-natal, and infant care to members of the Peoria Tribe and spouses. Included in these instructions are Infant CPR, and growth progress through weight and length measurements.


Instructions in preparing and giving insulin self-injections and performing self-blood sugar screenings are provided by the Community Health Representative to members of the Peoria Tribe.

Breast Self Exams

The Community Health Representative will provide instructions to female tribal members on techniques of self-exams of breasts for early detection of signs of cancer.


Health Screenings

The Community Health Representative provides screening services for diabetes, anemia, and blood pressure.

General Health Services

With appropriate doctor’s orders, arrangements can be made by calling the office of the Community Health Representative for nursing services such as injections, changing of catheters with delivery of UAs to area laboratories, blood drawn for delivery to laboratories or physician’s office, dressings changed, sutures removed, wound or throat cultures with samples delivered to laboratories.