Indian Child Welfare


The Indian Child Welfare Program has been administered by the Peoria Tribe of Indians of Oklahoma for the last year.  The program Director is Doug Journeycake.  The Peoria Tribe is fulfilling the requirements for the Miami Agency’s service area.   The Program has participated in a number of activities and attended several different training sessions, and was able to close some of the open cases in both state and federal court.

The activities that the Program is involved in are as follows:

  1. Participated in Ottawa County Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) case staffing.
  2. Conducted/Participated in monthly Tribal Child Protection Team (CPT) meetings.
  3. Participated in monthly court proceedings in the Court of Indian Offenses (CFR Court).
  4. Performed home studies and developed case plans for Tribal cases and Tribal foster homes.
  5. Attended case review hearings in State and Federal Courts.
  6. Attended suspected Abuse and Neglect (A&N) meetings held by the Northeastern Tribal Health System.
  7. Participated in General Council Meeting.
  8. Assisted the Ottawa Tribe of Oklahoma, the Miami Nation and the Eastern Shawnee Tribe with Indian Child Welfare related case work.
  9. Monitoring of cases for Tribal children outside Oklahoma.
  10. Participated in telephonic hearings involving Peoria children and families.
  11. Attended the annual Child Abuse Symposium in Huntsville, AL.
  12. Planned and participated in the “Week of the Young Child”.
  13. Attended the Oklahoma Indian Child Welfare Association Quarterly Meetings.
  14. Attended the Oklahoma Indian Child Welfare Association Annual Training.
  15. Attended Foster Home, MDT & Child Abuse Trainings.
  16. Participated in Treatment Team meetings.
  17. Conducted transfer of Peoria Tribe Indian Child Welfare case from state court to Court of Indian Offenses (CFR).

The Indian Child Welfare Program will help in any way possible for those Tribal members needing assistance.  Assistance can be obtained by contacting Doug at 918-540-2535 Ext. 19; 1-800-259-9987; cell 918-540-4370.  The mailing address is The Peoria Tribe of Indians of Oklahoma, Attn: Indian Child Welfare, P. O. Box 1527, Miami, OK, 74355.  The physical address is 118 South Eight Tribes Trail, Miami, OK.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me.

Submitted by:

Doug Journeycake, Director

Indian Child Welfare