Aid to Tribal Government

The Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), under the Department of the Interior, provides funding to Tribal governments with the “Aid to Tribal Government” program.  The purpose of this program is to develop and strengthen Tribal government operations and functions, and assist Tribal members and persons applying for Tribal membership with the public services often found in other local or city governments.

The objectives and services under the Aid to Tribal Government program are vital to the overall operations of Tribal government activities between Tribal members, the Bureau of Indian Affairs, and other agencies that have an interest in Tribal operations and are involved with interactive agreements and contracts with the Tribe.

Under the Aid to Tribal Government program, administration duties include the following:

  • The development, improvement or amendment of Tribal constitutions, by-laws, codes, ordinances and membership rolls;
  • Conducting Tribal elections in accordance with the Constitution and Election Ordinance;
  • Ensuring the integrity of separate branches of government and resolving issues involving Inter-Tribal disputes;
  • Maintaining membership and ensuring the system of records are in compliance with the Constitution, Enrollment Ordinance, and current federal regulations;
  • Directing recall and removal;
  • Assisting with management of judgment funds;
  • Conducting hearings of record;
  • Performing ethno-historical research for Tribal members and beneficiaries of judgment fund awards;
  • Fiscal management for the overall benefit of the Tribe;
  • Financial assistance in managing the trust funds of the Tribe and new economic development accounts.

Personnel funded or partially funded by this contract include the following positions: Tribal Administrator, Administrative Assistant, Accountant, and Enrollment Director.