2014 continued the trend of tribal asset improvements and progression, while 2015 looks to surpass our expectations. The clubhouse at Peoria Ridge Golf Course has proven to be a very beautiful venue for many wedding receptions and special events. In June we hosted a Tribal Leader’s event that included distinguished guests such as the Honorable Governor Mary Fallin, and many leaders from the 39 tribes of Oklahoma. The clubhouse’s increasing popularity, along with new marketing and advertising strategies, is sure to generate more revenue in the upcoming year.

The sewer project with the City of Miami and Peoria Ridge is almost complete. All necessary easements were acquired and construction will soon be finished. The sewer line services through the City is sure to enhance future residential developments not only at the golf course, but the surrounding area.

Other beautification projects include Buffalo Run Hotel’s exterior. The Hotel is being re-sided giving it a new, fresh look to match Buffalo Run Casino’s attractive exterior.  We are proud of the superb entertainment the Casino continues to offer year after year.  From hosting premiere entertainers such as Rascal Flatts this past summer, to bringing in new exciting events not offered at other casinos like “Four State Franchise” professional boxing.

The University of Illinois – Urbana-Champaign, and the Peoria Tribe of Indians of Oklahoma continue to work closely together on several projects that promise to make huge strides in our education program for tribal members. The Illinois Business Consulting Team just launched our current project entitled “A Roadmap for a Minority, or Native American Student, Specifically of Peoria Decent.” This project will help us identify obstacles tribal members and other Native American Students may encounter while on their journey to achieve their degree from an elite university.

The Elder Care and Disability Reimbursement Program began October 2014. This program is for tribal elders 65 years of age and older, as well as our disabled members that could benefit from this type of assistance. A full explanation of this program and other tribal programs are on our website for your convenience.

The tribal website was recently updated in efforts to keep tribal members posted on upcoming events, new programs and tribal business. Tribal office staff is working hard to make weekly updates to keep you all abreast of new information as it becomes available. Printable applications for most all tribal programs are also available for your convenience.

The Business Committee of the Peoria Tribe continues to dedicate themselves not only to the advancement of our Tribe, but taking action every month to ensure the safety and well-being of the Tribe itself. Your comments are welcomed and encouraged.

I would also like to recognize the tribal office staff for their efforts in serving our tribal members. They continue to do an outstanding job of representing our tribe in various business settings, and reaching out to our surrounding community.

I thank you, our tribal members, for allowing me to serve you as Chief. I have a great respect for each tribal member and always strive to do what is best, constantly looking to the future and continual betterment of the Peoria Tribe of Indians of Oklahoma.

Submitted by:

John P. Froman

Chief/Tribal Administrator