The Accounting Department, like other departments, has been very busy over the past year. There are always new projects to take on, either developing new and better systems to increase efficiency or comply with new laws, improving upon already existing procedures, or simply reviewing and fulfilling the requirements of new grants.

As in previous reports, we realize that some of the citizenry of the Tribe may not know exactly what types of functions the accounting department performs, so we will briefly review some of the normal duties.  The accounting department carries out many functions besides issuing requisitions, checks and reconciling bank statements.  We’re also responsible for submitting the required financial reports to the government by deadlines, preparing and modifying budgets, assisting with the annual audit, maintaining balanced computerized entries for all transactions, preparing payroll and tax reports for the Tribe and the golf course, drawing down funds as needed and being accountable for grant, contract, and trust cash balances, assuring the Tribe is properly insured, analyzing financial information to make decisions on expenditures and future budgeting processes, maintaining a fixed assets system, allocating lump expenditures to different programs, tracking and reporting interest income (including trust funds interest), charging indirect and aiding in the indirect cost proposal process, answering requests for miscellaneous data or audit responses from federal agencies, and preparing various financial statements to be used for different purposes including reporting to the program directors and business committee.

Some new tasks for the year have been direct deposit for our payroll system.  This allows employee’s checks to be deposited directly into their accounts.  It has been a nice addition to the efficiency of the office.   We are always looking to improve our daily functions and keep up with current technology.

As we come to the close of the fiscal year, we are already preparing for the annual audit.  We are consistently striving to produce accurate and useful data to keep the citizenry informed, while also aiding the Tribe in achieving a clean audit which is crucial in receiving and maintaining grants and also in securing economic development projects.

Submitted by:

Austin Kinsey and Crystal Wyrick